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Off Road Driving

Dunsfold Aerodrome, Dunsfold, Surrey, South England.

Young Driver Track - Home off BBC Top Gear

Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey is best known for the popular BBC Television series Top Gear.

Built by the Royal Canadian Army during World War II as an emergency landing airfield.

With 3 miles of private roads and 1 mile of dual carriageway it is an ideal area to learn to drive.

The Track includes roundabouts, junctions, Box Junction, Steering area and viewing areas for waiting parents.


Pupils are able to practice the correct approach and routine to junctions and roundabouts without the pressure of other road users.

Master your Mirrors, Signal, Manoeuvre routine (MSM).

• Routine

• Priority

• Approach

• Observations

• Procedure

• Types

• Hazards

• Types

• Approach

• Routine

• Observations

• Accuracy

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Under 17 Driving Surrey

Toilets are located onsite and during the week Dakota’s diner is available for lunch or a coffee.

Located a short distance away you will find Smithbrook Kilns, parents can find various shops and restaurants to help pass the time.

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The Track

• Approach

• Identify

• Types

• Road Position

• Accuracy

• Observation

• Safe Gaps

Pedestrian Crossings

Learn how to emerge and approach junctions.

• Bay Parking

• Left/Right Reverse

• Parallel Parking

• Turn in the road

• Steering Practice area

• Braking distance area



Extra on road lessons

On Road Lessons

MGM Driving School provide additional Driving Courses including: Pass Plus ,Defensive Driving Courses, Intensive Driving Courses , Refresher Driving Courses.

Visit our Main Site for : Driving Lessons in Guildford, Godalming, Cranleigh for all learner drivers.

On Road Driving Lessons

Dunsfold Aerodrome

Dunsfold Park




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Miles of open roads

Under 17 Driving Surrey, MGM Driving School, Dunsfold, Surrey.