Under 17 driving lessons are structured and fun helping you to gain confidence and experience ready for your on road training.

Under 17 driving courses range from the following.

Driving Experience

Driving Challenge,

Advanced Driving Challenge or a

Combined off road and on road driving course.

Our under 17 driving facility can be useful for nervous drivers and drivers recovering from a serious injury or lack of confidence.

No driving license is required for our off road driving lessons or driving courses.

Lessons start from the age of 14 upwards and you can take as many lessons as you require to feel confident.

Driving lessons weekly or driving courses

Under 17 driving is suitable from the age of 14+.

Under 17 driving lessons can be taken weekly or why not take an under 17 driving course.

Learn to drive before your 17 Birthday !!

Under 17 driving lessons in private off road safe traffic free environment.

No License required

From age 14+

Off road driving experience from MGM Diving School.

Get a head start with learning to drive, set in Dunsfold, Surrey the young driver track has dual carriageways, roundabouts, junctions, pedestrian crossings, crossroads, traffic lights set within a secure off road facility.

Our fully qualified (DVSA) approved driving instructors will teach the official driving standards syllabus.

Structured lessons tailored for your individual needs.

Learn more about facilities

•  Junctions

•  Roundabouts

•  Dual Carriageway

Pedestrian Crossing


 Traffic lights

Box Junctions

 Parking Bays

Steering area

 Turn in the road area

Parallel Parking

 Free Parking

 Waiting area

Driving Experience

1 x Hour

Suitable for 14+

More info



2 x Hours

Suitable for 14+

More info

Under 17 Driving Challenge

Advanced Driving


Suitable prior to on road lessons.

More info

Combined off road & on road courses

Suitable 4 weeks prior to on road tuition. More info

Under 17 driving combined driving courses

Combined off road and on road courses

Tailored Courses

Post-test training

Nervous Drivers

Gain Confidence

Traffic Free

True on road experience with realistic road layouts.

Great for Birthdays or special occasions

Individual lessons

Group lessons

Christmas Present

The track provides realistic and challenging road layouts.

Areas are provided for manoeuvres such as bay parking and turn in the road.

Learn how to safety approach roundabouts, junctions and pedestrian crossings.


Under 17 driving now!

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