Combined Off Road & On Road

Driving license required for on road training

Suitable 4 weeks prior to on road training or nervous pupils

Start your training off road and then progress to on road lessons.

Tailored course available for your individual needs.

Progress at your own pace.

Different types of roads and traffic conditions from country driving with multiple speeds and road widths

Town driving with multiple hazards, roundabouts and pedestrian crossings.

Course Syllabus

Combined driving course consists of six hours tuition in total.

Four hours off road and two on road.

Additional lessons are available for off road or on road tuition.

Course 1

Off Road 2 X Hours

Cockpit Drill

Moving away & Stopping



Use of Gears       



Clutch Control



Planning for theory test


Course 2

Off Road 2 X Hours

Recap- previous lesson



Traffic Lights

Pedestrian Crossings


Adequate Clearance

Use of Speed

Turn in the Road

Left Reverse

Bay Park

Parallel Park


Course 3

On Road 2 X Hours

Recap- previous lesson

Country Roads


Town Driving


Anticipation & awareness

Pedestrian Crossings

Dual Carriageway

Planning for practical test.


Please note you must be 17 and hold a provisional license to do on road lessons.

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Nervous pupil’s of all ages can really  benefit by taking the opportunity to learn in a traffic free environment.

Gain confidence at our track practicing your clutch control, approach to junctions, crossroads, pedestrian crossings and roundabouts.

Once you are ready your instructor can start your on road lessons. Progressing at a pace you are comfortable with.

Driving courses start at Dunsfold Aerodrome, near Guildford, Surrey and then will progress on road.

Pupils should make their own way to Dunsfold Aerodrome were we will arrange for you to meet your driving instructor.

Pick up and drop off locations can be arranged to suit pupils who are unable to make their own way to Dunsfold providing they are in the areas of Guildford, Cranleigh or Godalming.

Additional 2 hour on track lessons are available charged at our under 17 standard rate or additional on road lessons charged at our on road standard rate.

Our driving instructors are all fully qualified with enhanced CRB certification and carry full off road insurance.

The site includes 3 miles of private tarmac roads with marked junctions, roundabouts, pedestrian crossing, boxed junctions, dual carriageway, areas for manoeuvres and steering exercises.
Toilet facilities and areas are available for waiting parents with free parking.

Under 17 courses currently run from Monday through to Saturday.

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Extra on road lessons

On Road Lessons

On Road Driving Lessons

1 x Pupil  = 1 to 1 tuition

Duration 6 X Hours - Cost £340.00



Under 17 Driving

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